Wholeness in Healing Annual Conference
Softening the hardened heart

Being gentle to one another and having forgiveness for one another, if anyone has done wrong to his brother, even as the Lord had forgiveness for you--Colossians 3:13


As we are constantly faced with increasing issues in domestic violence within Hong Kong’s families, conflicts, distancing and hatred in relationships, and the increasing rate in depression and anxiety disorders, forgiveness is the way out to relieve us of these problems. The concept of forgiveness is less familiar in the Chinese culture, yet it has been a core message in Christianity. Therefore, this conference is intended to explore the issue of forgiveness from the Bible and psychology perspectives, to gain a deeper understanding of the difficulties in forgiveness; through the forgiving love of Christ, how the hardened hearts can be softened, broken hearts healed, bitterness released, and grieves of the past restructured so one can live an abundant life.
Dr. Katherine KOT
Rapha Foundation Ltd Founder
Through ‘Life Hotline’, we have encountered thousands of wounded souls, people who had been badly hurt and constrained by anger. Although forgiveness is almost a mere platitude, it is the key of love to unlocking the bondage in our hearts and to experience a breakthrough in our lives!
Ms. Hannah Chang
Life Hotline Professional Counselling Consultant


  1. To explore the integration of psychology and Christianity as well as bearing in mind the danger of implementing this integration.
  2. To explore the theology of healing and how to implement this in the church community.
  3. To provide a platform for Christian counsellors, therapists, workers in the healing ministry to explore the integration of Christian faith and psychology and how to work together in unity.
  4. To develop strategies and be united in helping families in crises.
Audience :
Counsellors/ Psychology professors and students, pastors, deacons, teachers, social workers, fellowship leaders, people in caring ministry.
Date : 2008/9/13,14,15 (Sat,Sun., Mon.)
Time : 10:00a.m - 10:00 p.m
Theme : From Brokenness to Healing
Theme : From Forgiveness to Unity
Venue : Academic Community Hall(224 Waterloo Road, Kowloon)
Admission free of charge Offerings are welcomed
Morning and evening sessions are free, admission by ticket and free seating

13/9 Evening session:

A Biblical Model of Healing Relationships: Covenant, Grace, Empowerment & Intimacy
Time:7:30pm –10:00pm
Speakers:Drs. Judy (Ed.D) and Jack Balswick (PhD) (Senior Professor Fuller Theological Seminary)

Afternoon Workshops:

Time:2:30pm – 5:30pm
Venus: Academic Community Hall、Y.C. Cheng Lecture Theatre (LT3) 、Lam Woo International Conference Centre
Registration Fees:$80
Deadline for Application:31/8/2008

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The Vine Centre
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Workshop Application:

For those who are interested in attending the workshop, please complete the application form below and send it back to Rapha Foundation together with a crossed cheque payable to Rapha Foundation Ltd. Alternatively you can deposit the registration fees into the Bank of China of Hong Kong account (012-704-1-011093-1) and send back the deposit slip together with the application form. Please state ‘Workshop Application’ on the envelope. The deadline for application is 31 August 2008. We will confirm your application via email, please register on the day with your confirmation letter. Please note that the venue of the workshops will be announced on the website of Rapha Foundation on 8 September.


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Afternoon Workshops:

Date :13/9/2008
Time : 2:30pm-5:30pm
Registration Fees :HK$80/workshop
As We Forgive Those Who Sin Against Us: Making Peace with Our Parents and Caregivers.

Dr. Erica Liu Wollin (Psy.D in Clinical Psychology)
This workshop will explore issues concerning brokenness between individuals and their parents or caregivers. Relational barriers may be due to past betrayal, abuse, neglect, mistreatment, rejection, or through death or separation. We will explore a healthy and Biblical definition of forgiveness, incorporating cultivation of desire to forgive and strategies to move towards forgiveness.
(915_16) Forgiveness and Grief, an Existential Perspective.
Dr. Mark Yang (Psy.D. and Interim Director of Training, Psy.D. program of Alliant University)
The importance of forgiveness in the context of grief and bereavement. Existential themes, such as the concept of existential guilt, acceptance of death, freedom and destiny will be discussed. The concept of cheap versus costly grace as presented by the theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer will be presented

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