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Setlla Tong , 香港組長



Personal sharing of my time with RAPHK 


Having known the organization since I was still studying for the Master degree, this is my 5th year with the organization.  From a course member progressing through all levels to an intern to now an accredited counselor, RAPHK is still an ideal place/safe haven for personal growth and professional training where one's most vulnerabilities and darkest sides can be explored and contained.  Growth can be a daunting as well as an ever-going process that one can give up easily on the bumpy, rough journey.  I remember there were moments, powerful moments I was emotionally stuck in subconscious fear after which I felt a visceral release from it with the help of Dr. Kot tenderly voicing out my unspoken inner feelings in the background during supervision or regular growth meetings with other facilitators.  Although, those prominent releases of fear were never instant life-changing experiences but I believe they were important and inevitably steps from a trapped-and-staggering self to more a liberated-and-connected self.    Taking such leaps require tremendous trust and acceptance.  Without the support of other facilitators, I'd be overwhelmed by the vortex of jumbled and intense emotions that, I have no doubt, I'd just shun away along the seemingly never-ending path.  Apart from the human factors, the one and only true crucial factor in the midst of healing and growth is Heavenly Father’s sovereignty.  Above all the theories, skills that are adopted, instructed, conveyed by the organization but one thing that I appraise RAPHK the most which has also led me into sticking around over the years is its roots and pillars are grounded on Christian faith.

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