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Overview of Rapha activities (English Courses) 

HK101-0506L5G5O Level 1: 101 FOCUSING COURSE (Online meetings) - finished

Aim: This course can help students to experience emotions more deeply, realize how emotions affect thoughts, behavior patterns, and body responses, and how they are closely related to each other. Through learning focusing techniques and bodily experiential exercises, students can recognize their hidden emotions and needs, and learn to accept and express them. 

Classes include:
  4 Live Lectures with Dr. Kot (recording will be available for students who cannot join the LIVE lecture)
  5 Group Discussion meetings (Two group discussion schedules to choose from.)


Date: Apr 30 , 2022 - June 26 , 2022

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Note: Please fill in the scope of interest, such as-parenting, conflict, personal growth, marriage, work pressure.

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