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Course Overview

Emotional Healing Courses & Camps

Rapha has been very involved in educating the public about how to maintain mental /
emotional health. Dr. Kot has written 5 books, many magazines and professional articles,
and many DVD/CDs to educate the public about the topics on Emotion, Family Relationships, and personal growth.

Dr. Kot has developed a series of three-level course and camps:
Level 1: 《Emotion Quartet – Walking Through the Four Basic Emotion in Life》
Level 2: 《Journey in the Wilderness – Transformation of Emotion in Life》
Level 3: 《Life-transformed Healing – Walking Through Emotional Moments with Jesus》

  • Three levels of courses and camps are carried out throughout the year below market rate in order to serve those with financial difficulties. Students who could not afford to pay the full amount, subsidy is available by way of application​.

  • Our courses were mainly conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin serving Local and
    Overseas Chinese people in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, France, Canada and

  • Approximately 9000 students have benefited from our programs all over the world and these programs are well received with extremely positive feedback from our

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