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Vision & Mission

The Vision of Rapha:
We are called to search for wounded ‘sheep’.
To experience with them, the healing power of the Cross,
So that they can be delivered from darkness.
And finally to live out the fullness of life in Christ.


Strive to live for a fulfilling life, enriched relationship, and caring community.

The Mission of Rapha Foundation:
Following SARS, Financial Storms, family crises and traumas such as recent Lamma Ferry disaster, people in Hong Kong are under tremendous emotional distresses. Indeed such an event is not uncommon all over the world such as Earthquake, Tsunami, SARs, Financial Storm, and globally, the number of people who are emotionally traumatized is ever increasing; yet the Government or related organizations do not really provide substantial or sufficient support to this neglected group of people. Hence, Dr. Kot, a licensed clinical psychologist has the vision to apply her clinical skills and training to benefit the many emotionally distressed people who have no financial means to receive therapy.


Rapha Foundation is established in 2007 as an NGO aiming at helping individuals who
suffer from emotional distress, and requiring professional counselling/psychotherapy. In 2011 she also established Rapha Christian Development Canada Association to serve the North American communities. Rapha Foundation adopts a unique holistic healing approach, combining psychology and spirituality to help distressed people in Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia, Canada and Europe during the past years and these programs are well received with extremely positive feedback from our participants.

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